What is Hope?

Hope ImageHope is a quality that has been within the heart of men and women since the beginning of time. Hopes touch branches across all ages, cultures, and economic barrier. Its range covers every philosophy, religion and human being that has every lived.

It is inbuilt into us all, to keep us striving for better days ahead, and it is as vital as our blood to keep us alive.

Hope isn’t something we consciously summon, and rarely are we aware of the impact it makes on our minds and emotions. Simply, hope is an expectation of a positive outcome in the future. There is a promise of something better ahead, something good to live for, an anticipation that the achievement of a desired goal will happen. Its expectation and desire combined.

Generally we know what we want, though sometimes it is just a vague realisation that something better could lay ahead somehow, and it’s worth waiting for. Hope to some, means holding on for a positive outcome in a time of hardship. It is the dogged determination to continue working for something better.

Throughout life we never stop hoping.

Please read my Guest Post on The Power of Hope on Kathleen Pooler's blog, "Memoir Writer's Journey."


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