Everyone faces crossroads in their lives, where life’s challenges force us to make decisions which will have major consequence in our lives. Whether these challenges come from outside circumstances which impose change upon us, or are self-initiated changes to advance us towards personal goals; we can expect to continually make many key choices in all areas of our lives. These choices will take us down chosen paths which will change our lives forever. With life getting far more complicated with every passing year, it will invariably mean having to make increasingly more life changing choices in the future.

It has been said that our lives are the sum product of our choices. I extend that view to include that our lives are the sum product of our choices and the consequences of the changes resulting from those choices. Many might say 'That's nothing new, of course I understand that'. However, few truly comprehend the significance that it will have in their lives, if they could advance from 'understanding' to conscientiously utilizing that understanding. It is easy to say we understand, but it takes wisdom, courage and determination for us to act appropriately, to intentionally make better choices and thereby increase the fulfillment in our lives. Those who have discovered a truly full-minded approach in making more appropriate change, are in the minority, and my view is that there has been little meaningful transformational information, to improve that situation.

So, the outcome is that there are vast numbers of people who just let life happen, by not willingly participating or contributing to important decisions, or not making appropriate decisions when they are forced into making them. Then when the consequences are not to their liking, they provide a myriad of excuses in defense, such as: it wasn’t Gods will, they had no choice, they didn’t get the support needed, or they didn’t have the time or resources to begin with. Thus, they blame themselves or others, rather than using the lessons learned to make better choices.

It should be no surprise that failure to use the wisdom of lessons learned, means continually using the same framework as the basis for future decisions, which leads further bad choices, which leads to more fulfilling outcomes. This can then lead to a cycle of continued non participation, poor choices and a feeling that life is continuing dealing bad hands from a stacked desk of cards. This can then result in a feeling of self-fulfilling prophecies and the spiral continues downward. However, when you are in that cycle the obvious may indeed not be obvious. It does take the proper use of lessons learned to breaks that cycle, provide a means of an intentional living approach to reframe our perception, and thus lay the foundation for better decisions.

I have had great interest in this reframing process and have researched the underlying topics of Core Beliefs, Core Values, Purpose, Faith, Hope, Choice, Change and Consequence and many others related topics, for many years. This was nojust a philosophical, or psychological academic quest, I have actual developed a process that has been distilled from experiences, as a resulted of both good and bad choices.

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